Corporate Social Responsibility

Realdania is ambitious in its work on corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is clear in our overall strategic goals to promote sustainable development and to be there for future generations. It is also apparent in our philanthropic ambition to contribute to the UN sustainable development goals via our work on societal challenges in the built environment.

We take responsibility - Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR ambitions were also confirmed when Realdania acceded to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in 2011. We take responsibility for society as a whole, and we work with CSR through our grants, our investments, our operations and buildings, and our internal behaviour. 

CSR is pivotal in all our core activities in order to ensure the greatest overall impact. The Realdania management has adopted a CSR action plan. This action plan prioritises CSR work with a number of concrete initiatives across four focus areas. Realdania has set a goal for each focus area:

Climate and environmental impact

Climate and environmental impact is about being aware of the footprint we leave on the environment and taking responsibility for sustainable exploitation of our resources. Our goal is to contribute to a green transition through our activities and projects, and to increase awareness of resource consumption in the construction industry and in buildings.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility means acting in a socially responsible manner by considering e.g. marginalised groups, working conditions and social conditions in general. Our goal is to strengthen the social dimension of our activities and to work for more diversity and inclusion in society.

Anti-corruption and transparency

Anti-corruption and transparency means ensuring that Realdania operates within all applicable regulations and standards. Our goal is to focus on transparency in our activities and to ensure that employees maintain a high level of ethics in our activities in general.

Human rights and working conditions

Human rights and working conditions mean supporting and respecting the protection of human rights as defined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and fundamental workers’ rights as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Our goal is to strengthen efforts to identify and counter violations of human rights and to disseminate the Charter for Responsible Danish Property and Construction and its contents.

UN Global Compact principles

Click on the links below to read our reports to stakeholders on our efforts to implement and expand the principles contained in the UN Global Compact.

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