Our Mission And Goals

We support large and small projects that contribute to reaching our philanthropic goals and our mission: to create quality of life for all through the built environment.

Our field of activities is the built environment, i.e. large and small towns and cities, villages as well as urban spaces, parks, buildings and built heritage. The built environment also includes all the related activities and change processes: construction, architecture, landscape architecture, restoration, urban development and spatial planning in rural areas and in the city.

We create quality of life by supporting and focusing on how the built environment influences our everyday lives, our relationships, our health and our whole existence. 

Three goals for the whole association

We are a non-profit-making, charitable association. We are here for everybody, and we support projects that together benefit the whole of Denmark. 

With our combined resources including association activities, returns on our investment assets and our philanthropic activities, we aim to create better quality of life within our field of activities. 

By utilising our independence and long-term perspective, we work to set new agendas through a problem-oriented approach, and we want to contribute to overcoming social challenges, in partnership with others, by developing and changing the built environment. 

We will engage our members through member democracy and the agendas we set. 

We have three strategic goals for the whole association:

  • We are here for current and future generation
  • We promote sustainable development
  • We promote new knowledge and innovation

We emphasise the importance of openness and transparency in all of our activities. We work ambitiously towards reaching our goals, and we are competent, reliable, respectful and open. In our philanthropic work, and in partnership with other actors, we will develop and change through innovative thinking, cooperation and with the necessary risk tolerance. Network, co-creation and mutual inspiration help secure that our philanthropic activities are anchored in all aspects of people’s lives at home and at work for which we create value.  

We work on the basis of three strategies that set the course for each of our activity areas: Our commercial investments, association and member activities, and our philanthropic work. These strategies build on ourarticles of association and the foundation of our activities laid down by the Supervisory Board.