Returns from our non-philanthropic investment activities form the foundation for our philanthropic activities, as well as for our association and membership activities, and for running Realdania. We invest our assets with an ambition of gaining the highest possible long-term risk-adjusted return, while at the same time protecting Realdania’s equity.


The non-philanthropic investment activities at Realdania are based on a strategic foundation that has developed gradually over time. Our strategy is increasingly focused on investment diversification; both geographically and across asset classes.

Realdania’s philanthropic real estate investments are not covered by the strategy.

Where does the money come from?

Realdania’s capital is accrued during the 150-year history of Danish mortgage banking. Realdania was established in 2000 when the Realkredit Danmark mortgage institute sold its mortgage-credit activities to Danske Bank. The equity could not be paid back to the members. Therefore, Realdania was set up to support non-profit-making projects within the built environment, and through this ensure that future generations also benefit from the funds.

Money for philanthropy

If we are to continue our philanthropic work to enhance the quality of life and set the agenda for solutions to the challenges facing towns, buildings and the built heritage, we have to optimize the return of our investment assets.

The Investment Strategy 2020-2026 is the fourth strategy for our non-philanthropic investment assets and it entered into force on 1 January 2020.

Our investment team is responsible for day-to-day investment activities and cooperation with our external capital managers. The team is made up of experienced portfolio managers and analysts, and our investment activities are monitored by a separate risk team that reports about activities to the executive management board and the board of directors.