How We Invest

We diversify our investments and manage the assets actively as we aim to achieve long-term higher returns at lower market risk.


Our investment assets are divided into eight main asset classes, each with specific investment characteristics:

The eight main asset classes:

  • Money Market (cash and moneymarket instruments)
  • Fixed Income Investment Grade (global government, corporate and mortgage-credit bonds with high credit rating)
  • Fixed Income Non-investment Grade (global government, corporate and mortgage-credit bonds with lower credit rating)
  • Equities (global listed equities)
  • Private Equity (global non-listed equities)
  • Alternative Investments (investments with special characteristics in relation to other main asset classes)
  • Real Estate (non-philanthropic global investments in real estate)
  • Mission Related Investments (investments that support one or more philantropic targets defined via selected UN sustainable development goals)

Our investment assets Q4 2022, mio kr. 

A summary of our listed assets as of Q4 2022 is available here.



Equity Holdings 2022 (PDF)

Asset managers Q4 2022 (PDF)