World’s leading climate network for mega cities opens base in Copenhagen

Press release

6. February 2017

C40 Cities – the world’s leading climate network for megacities – opens a permanent base in Copenhagen today. From here, C40 Cities will work towards a closer collaboration between cities and the private sector aimed at breaking down one of the biggest barriers to global green energy conversion.

The Danish C40 office will focus on strengthening the global cooperation between cities, companies and knowledge institutions to promote the transition to a green economy. And Copenhagen makes the ideal location, according to C40 Cities Director of Regions and Head of the Danish Department, Simon Kjær Hansen:
“Copenhagen has garnered international attention by having what is possibly the world’s most ambitious climate plan and being well on the way to bringing down carbon emissions to zero by 2025. So C40 Cities sees huge potential in opening a base in Copenhagen in order to draw from the wealth of experience on offer here. In collaboration with Danish companies and universities, Copenhagen has created a great many green solutions in urban planning, energy, cycling and much more, which cities all over the world would like to learn from.”

Despite Copenhagen not being one of the world’s largest cities, the Danish capital has a central role in the C40 collaboration as one of the world’s most innovative cities. Copenhagen is a member of C40 Cities as an ‘innovation city’ and leads C40’s network for green growth. Copenhagen is also a representative for the network’s 16 innovation cities on C40's steering committee, on which Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, is C40 Cities’ deputy chair. Frank Jensen sees the opening of the Danish office as a unique opportunity for Copenhagen and Denmark in general:

“That C40, as the world’s leading climate network for megacities, is opting to set up a base in the city is official recognition of Copenhagen’s position as a green leader. This will encourage still more city leaders around the world to look at Copenhagen’s solutions for inspiration in developing their cities, and it will become a major showcase for green Danish businesses,” says Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen.

Together with US-based Bloomberg Philanthropies and the UK’s The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the Danish philanthropic association Realdania has been C40’s main supporters since 2013. Realdania’s CEO Jesper Nygård sees great potential in having a permanent C40 base in Copenhagen:

“The Danish C40 office means that companies and municipalities across all of Denmark will gain unique access to the international environments where decisions about future urban development are discussed and where solutions will be developed and tested. I look forward to the increased exchange between Danish and international experience which this office will contribute towards, and which I am certain will be a big plus for Danish municipalities and companies.

The C40 office will be located in the former military storage facility, Fæstningens Materialgård on Copenhagen Harbour as part of the innovation and growth hub BLOXHUB, which has been established by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the City of Copenhagen and Realdania. BLOXHUB is an association of Danish and international companies and other actors working with sustainable innovative urban development.


Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen
– via Head of Media Relations Rikke Egelund, tel. +45 3147 9497

Jesper Nygård, CEO, Realdania
– via Head of Press Pia Møller Munksgaard, tel. +45 29 69 52 49

Director of Regions Simon Kjær Hansen, C40 Tlf. +45 31 38 12 43

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