DK2020 Municipalities leading the way

november 2021

31 pages

Klaus Bundgaard (C40)
Birgitte Krohn (C40)
Julia Lipton (C40)
Peggy Whitfield (C40)
Anna Esbjørn (CONCITO)


This publication presents 20 stories of climate action planning from Danish municipalities.

The aim of the DK2020 pilot project was to help Danish municipalities raise their climate ambition by following the steps of megacities and using the same tools as they have. This was not an easy task, given the specific and unique circumstances of smaller Danish municipalities, many of whom have large industrial and agricultural sectors. Their success is therefore all the more inspiring.

This publication seeks to share knowledge and experiences from the first 20 Danish municipalities to finalize their climate action plans, so that other cities, urban areas and locales across the world will be inspired to develop their own climate action plans.