maj 2018

173 pages

Realdania and Sustainia


Klima100 presents the best climate solutions from Danish municipalities that have already been implemented. The goal is to inspire change.

One hundred of the best climate solutions from 80 Danish municipalities are presented in the Klima100 publication. The many green ideas and solutions that have already been implemented serve as an inspiration for future efforts towards a green transition.

Realdania is the initiator of the project, which is executed by Sustainia with CONCITO as a knowledge partner. The purpose of Klima100 is to:

  • give recognition to municipalities that are leading the way in the fight against climate change
  • share examples of "good practice", so that municipalities and other important players can learn from the projects that have been most successful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to climate change adaptation
  • describe trends in the municipalities' work for the climate and show that good solutions exist and are already implemented throughout the country
  • inspire municipalities in their next steps towards a green transition.


Climate adaptation and ambitious targets

Most of the projects in Klima100 focus on climate change adaptation, including how to prepare and adapt coastal areas, residential areas, and urban spaces for the future climate. In addition, Klima100 shows the ambitious targets set by several of the municipalities to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, with each their approach and different conditions, Ærø, Copenhagen, Sønderborg, and Aarhus have set goals of achieving CO2 neutrality in the years between 2025 and 2030.

This publication is also available in Danish: