With DK2020, Realdania is expediting efforts to meet the Paris Agreement at municipality level, and supporting dialogue and cooperation on the climate between Danish municipalities.

A total of 20 Danish municipalities have been selected to follow in the footsteps of the most climate-ambitious cities in the world, and join with a group of international climate frontrunners. Through this project, municipalities receive technical support and advice from global and Danish experts from the international C40 cities network and CONCITO, a green think-tank, to develop, update or adjust their climate work so that it lives up to the C40 standard for climate planning.

The aim is to help develop action-oriented climate plans, focusing on all sectors within a municipality’s geographical area. The plans are to define how the municipalities involved can achieve reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases that meet the objective in the Paris Agreement.

The municipalities selected to be a part of DK2020 are:

  • Albertslund
  • Allerød
  • Assens
  • Fredericia
  • Frederiksberg
  • Frederikshavn
  • Helsingør
  • Høje-Taastrup
  • Jammerbugt
  • Køge 
  • Lejre
  • Lemvig
  • Lolland
  • Middelfart
  • Randers
  • Roskilde
  • Samsø
  • Sønderborg
  • Vejle 
  • Aarhus

About Deadline 2020

At the UN Climate Conference in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the Paris Agreement and committed themselves to keeping the global temperature rise at below 2°C and preferably at below 1.5°C.

In the wake of the Paris Agreement, the C40 cities network and the consultancy firm Arup published the Deadline 2020 report. Deadline 2020 sets a framework for how cities and municipalities can contribute to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The report takes its outset in the global CO2 budget, i.e. the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases we can collectively emit if the objective of a maximum temperature increase of 1.5°C is to be achieved. On the basis of the remaining volume of greenhouse gases globally, the Deadline 2020 report has calculated a CO2 budget for the C40 member cities.

About the Deadline 2020 programme

C40 has launched a comprehensive Deadline 2020 programme, through which the member cities of the organisation are supported to submit climate plans that meet the 1.5°C target in the Paris Agreement.

A central element in the Deadline 2020 programme is a specially developed global standard for climate planning (the C40 Climate Action Planning (CAP) Framework), which forms the basis for work by C40 cities to develop climate plans.

Climate Action Planning Framework

Read more about the CAP Framework on the C40 website: