With its bridges and squares on the harbour front in Copenhagen, BLOX enhances the city space with another chapter in the evolution of the Port of Copenhagen from an industrial dockland to a harbour for people. A harbour at which locals and visitors can meet and enjoy life by the water. BLOX has transformed a previously deserted part of Copenhagen into a lively urban space and meeting point for everyone. The new Lille Langebro establishes good connections for cyclists and pedestrians. BLOX makes space for urban life. 

BLOX is a national and international gathering place that engages people in architecture, design and sustainable urban development - through exhibitions, events, business development and new partnerships. The doors are open for everyone who wants to experience, sense and understand life in cities, and for everyone who wants to take part in professional networks and deep specialist environments to develop the sustainable cities of the future. 

BLOX is financed by the philanthropic association Realdania, and it was designed by the internationally recognised Dutch architects: OMA. Massive blocks, hence the name BLOX, have been stacked and staggered to create a building that stimulates all the senses. It is an iconic, transparent and inspirational house with prospects everywhere, up towards the oldest parts of the city, down towards the water and out towards the harbour entrance.