BBC Travel rapports from inside REGAN Vest

8. May 2023

BBC Travel has visited the atomic Cold War bunker REGAN Vest that recently opened its doors to the public. After being kept top-secret for decades it now gives a preview of how it felt to enter this unique subterranean Cold War time capsule.

“I felt as though I was stepping into a secret parallel universe. I'd never seen anywhere quite like it” writes Adrienne Murray Nielsen for BBC.

The Rold Forest just south of Aalborg has revealed its deepest best kept secret. - REGAN Vest - a nuclear bunker from the Cold War. The subterranean bunker is accessed through a 300 meter long tunnel taking you deep underground to the bunker itself. A pair of heavy, airtight doors guards a universe frozen in time from the height of The Cold War. 

Adrienne Murray Nielsen writes: "It's a different world here. What's special here is that this bunker stand authentic. It's kind of a time capsule. Quite a huge time capsule."

The interior appears untouched in its originally state dating back to the 60s and 70s, as taken out of an early James Bond film, in an underground world that in many ways functions like a U-boat just on land.

Read the BBC article and get a preview of REGAN Vest's unique Cold War time capsule.

REGAN Vest: Inside Denmark's secret nuclear bunker - BBC Travel

About REGAN Vest

The museum consists of five elements of which the bunker is the primary attraction. Combined they tell the story of The Cold War from a previously untold Danish vantage point.

We have supported the project with 30 mio. DKK. as part of our philanthropic goal; a vibrant architectural culture. 

REGAN Vest opened for visitors the 13th of February 2023.

Take a visual tour inside the museum and read more about the project in Danish at 

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