DKK 100 mill. in aid for victims of the war in Ukraine

14. March 2022

Realdania is giving an entirely exceptional donation of DKK 100 mill. to help victims of the war in Ukraine.

The donation will go to the Danish Red Cross, the Danish Refugee Council and Save the Children, Denmark. The funds can be spent in Ukraine, in the nearby area, and in Denmark, with focus on living conditions for the victims, including the many babies and children who have fled the war with their mothers. 

“The war in Ukraine is horrifying and incomprehensible for many of those fleeing from their homes and normal lives. This is an exceptional situation demanding extraordinary funds and quick action. For this reason, the Board of Directors of Realdania has decided to make a donation for humanitarian work to help victims of the war,” said Jesper Nygård, CEO at Realdania.

This is an entirely exceptional donation. The donation is within the framework of Realdania's articles of association, but it is not part of the association’s ordinary philanthropic activities to create quality of life through the built environment. 

Realdania will allow the three organisations to assess the best possible time and place to use the donation to generate the greatest benefits. 

We are grateful for all the hard work by the humanitarian organisations in Ukraine, in the neighbouring regions, and in Denmark.