Seven projects supported to demonstrate new climate-change adaptation

5. September 2019

Innovative projects in Copenhagen, Hvidovre, Dragør, Vejle, Assens, Hedensted, Middelfart and Randers municipalities have been granted a total of DKK 6.75 mill. from the Cities and rising sea levels partnership between the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and Realdania.

Sea levels are rising, and in the future we will experience more storms and storm surges. Towns and cities along the 7,300-km-long Danish coastline have to find solutions to this challenge. Eight municipalities have received a financial helping hand totalling DKK 6.75 million. The money will help develop seven pilot projects that each take their own approach to combining needs to protect against flooding with a desire to engage Danish citizens, develop new recreational urban spaces, and not least support sustainable urban development. In addition to financial support from the partnership, the selected projects also have an option to seek advice from the Danish Coastal Authority.

"We must act early if we are to be able to continue to live and work safely in our coastal towns and cities. Therefore, with Realdania, we’re helping a number of municipalities to find new and better responses to the challenges we foresee as a consequence of climate change and rising seawater. This places new demands on urban development and planning. Seven visionary and exciting projects are now receiving a kick-start,” said Minister for the Environment, Lea Wermelin. 

Several of the projects selected illustrate new ways of conducting a project. Among other things, with greater public involvement and invitations to a very broad dialogue. Several of the projects focus on holistic solutions (in one case even across municipal borders), and they outline models that take into account different interests and open opportunities for new activities.  Moreover, the solutions can be regularly adapted to future requirements. 

"Our objective is that these seven projects will help inspire and set new standards for other municipalities, so that our towns and cities can be better prepared for future climate change. At Realdania, we place great emphasis on ensuring that projects do more than just keep the sea out of towns and cities. They have to think out of the box and inspire others, thereby creating added value. We fully expect these seven projects to do so,” said Jesper Nygård, CEO of Realdania.
More support possible
At a later stage, the seven projects selected will be able to apply for more funding to realise their project in full or in part. 

Municipalities which, as yet, have no projects on the drawing board and need help to start, will also be able to apply for guidance and financial support. There will be later round of applications for these municipalities. In total, Realdania has earmarked DKK 60 mill. for initiatives in the partnership.

The seven projects that have received support are: 

  • When the water comes - maturing project for storm surge protection at Kalveboderne
    Applicant: Hvidovre Municipality and the City of Copenhagen which are running the project across municipal boundaries
    Grant: DKK 1,500,000

  • Robust coastal municipality: Parallel assignment for development plan for the Municipality of Dragør's coastal protection 
    Applicant: Municipality of Dragør
    Grant: DKK 1,500,000

  • Storm-surge protection that grows with the city
    Applicant: Vejle Municipality
    Grant: DKK 1,500,000

  • Assens - Town and Straits - sustainable urban development on the shoreline
    Applicant: Municipality of Assens
    Grant: DKK 500,000

  • Landowners decide - citizen-driven protection against rising sea levels creates new opportunities and supports Juelsminde’s vision 
    Applicant: Municipality of Hedensted
    Grant: DKK 750,000

  • Habour Laboratory - united on climate change adaptation 
    Applicant: Municipality of Middelfart
    Grant: DKK 500,000
    Climate Belt - implementation with quality
    Applicant: Randers Municipality
    Grant: DKK 500,000