We Support The Built Environment

We are a member-based philanthropic organization that supports projects in the built environment: cities, buildings, and built heritage. We work to create value through development and change, dialogue and knowledge, partnerships and networks, initiatives, and proactive efforts.

As a modern philanthropic organization, we take a problem-oriented approach to philanthropy. This involves a strong focus on communicating our strategy and programme areas to partners and grant takers so they know exactly what set of problems we aim to solve. This is important because everything we do, and every grant we approve, has to contribute to our overall goals.

We acknowledge that complex and large-scale problems cannot be met with simple solutions. They require full-scale actions that target the issues on all relevant levels: from the operational project level - for example in partnership with local enthusiasts or researchers - to the strategic level in partnership with decision-makers and thought leaders.  

With this approach, we work to ensure that our contribution has a catalytic effect that exceeds what we could have achieved on our own.

We target the following five programme areas:

  • Space for Everyone
  • Denmark - Land of Opportunities
  • Living Built Heritage
  • Cities for People
  • Innovation in Construction

More about our programme areas

Five Programme Areas


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