Space for Everyone 

We want to strengthen the welfare society of the future through new and adapted physical surroundings that fully consider the physical and mental health of all social groups and which promote social inclusion.

Denmark - Land of Opportunities

We want to focus on resolving the challenges facing outlying areas and rural districts in Denmark, and help identify and develop the positive potential of locally-bound qualities.

Innovation in Construction

We want to promote innovation in the construction sector in order to enhance the quality of life for everyone through the built environment and to secure a better and more sustainable environment.

Living Built Heritage

We want to help secure and develop the Danish built heritage in order to revitalise it as an ever-present narrative of our common history and to establish the framework for new activities.

Cities for People

We want to exploit the current transition of cities resulting from urbanization and climate change to combine social, economic and environmental solutions to create diverse, exciting and resilient cities for people.

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