The overall objectives of our investment strategy are to maximize the capacity for our philanthropic activities and to protect the core capital.

The objective of Realdania’s investment strategy is to maximize the capacity for philanthropic activities, which emphasizes the close link between Realdania’s philanthropic activities and our investment activities. It is also the objective to ensure a long lifespan of at least 25 years and to accommodate the risk of underperforming in the long run as well as to balance returns and risk in the medium run.

Investment strategy objectives

• To secure the philanthropic activities, the member related activities and the operation of Realdania.
• To secure a long lifetime of 25 years or more.

Our investment philosophy

• We define our strategic investment horizon as 25 years or more.
• We are an active asset owner, and we accept the short term risk
of loosing money in favour of a higher profit during a long-term
investment horizon.
• We expect a better long-term risk-adjusted return on equities
and credit-related investments than on government bonds.
• We aim to diversify the investment portfolio globally and by that
reduce the overall market risk.

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